6 Steps to Successful Tree Felling

The correct methods of working are crucial when felling trees. You need to not only create a safe work environment but also be more productive when you are working.

Plan ahead

Preparation is essential when tree removal with a chainsaw. You will be safer and more efficient if you plan your felling and what equipment you will need. Before you begin, make sure to check if there is any obstructions, such as overhead lines or roads. If you notice that a road crosses your area, or that there are many people passing by daily, then put up warning signs.

Check the felling direction

Next, examine the tree carefully to determine the direction of the felling. What do the branches look like and how do they grow. You should also consider the wind direction. If you are unsure about the tree’s natural direction, move away from it and use a plumbline to check. Clear the area around the tree according to the planned felling direction. Clear the area 45 degrees in each direction from the tree, so that you can create your path of retreat.

Prune the trunk

Once you have cleared the area of debris, place your warning signs and decide on the direction of the fall of the tree and the path of your retreat. Make sure you have enough fuel for the job ahead. Next, it is time to trim the trunk. This will remove any branches or twigs that could get in the way of the sawing process. A pulling chain (underside the guide bar) is the best way to prune.

Decide on cutting technique

The time has come to cut the trunk once it’s twig-free to the shoulder height. Remember two important things when making this cut: the hinge should be of uniform thickness and the proper dimensions. Also, the felling wedge/breaking bars should be in place before the tree can pinch it. The tree size and slope as well as the size of your chainsaw bars will affect which method you choose to cut the tree. You can read the information below to find the right method for you.

Check for diseases

You should be cautious if you see the timber becoming discoloured or soft, or if you notice the trunk’s lower portion is swollen or damaged. This indicates that the wood fibers have become weaker. If this happens, you should cut the tree in its natural direction. You can also use a winch to help you determine if it is safe. The rot infestation will usually subside higher up the tree so you might consider a tall stump to fall the tree.

Choose your tool

When removing a tree, there are many options for felling tools. You will need the right type of equipment depending on how large your tree is. The felling tools are not necessary for the smaller trees. A long pole or hand force can be sufficient. The felling wedge has a greater force than other types of breaking bars. You can also use a rope and winch to fall a tree in extreme situations. This is the most secure and powerful method of felling a tree. For more information on the various tools, take a look to the fact box.

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