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Chiropractor Centurion: Patients who have had back surgery are usually unable to move, particularly if it involves invasive procedures. But, thanks to the advancements in technology and being able address health concerns with science, there are now less invasive options. Your Centurion Chiropractor can help you understand what could be causing back surgery.

Regular visits to your Centurion chiropractor will help you maintain a healthy back. This is a great practice that can be considered a long-term financial investment for your body.

Recovery times following spinal surgery – Chiropractor Centurion

The time it takes to heal from each type of surgery will vary. This is due to the body’s ability and the patient.

Laminectomy (completely removing the lamina): This may require a hospital stay of up to three days. The patient will not be allowed to drive for up four weeks.

Lumbar discectomy (partial removing of the lamina in order to relieve nerve pressure) – This procedure can be performed over 3 to 6 years. Some patients still experience pain 6 months later.

Spinal Fusion (fusing two to four vertebrae together) can require a hospital stay lasting up to 4 days. Recovery time can be anywhere from 6 weeks up 24 months.

The moral of the story is to be careful during recovery. These are some safety tips that will help you get in your car safely once you’re ready. Prescription medication and whether your body is able to handle the stress of driving will play a role in your readiness to drive.

Tip 1 – Park your car away from other cars so that there is enough room to open your door wide and move with caution from your seat.
Tip 2 — Cars with bucket seating that are very low can cause additional strain and discomfort by allowing people to climb in and out from such low places.
Tip 3 – Don’t rush to get in or out of your car. You could be hurt.
Tip 4 — Gradually increase the amount of activities and exercises you do to help your body become stronger and more mobile. This will make it easier to climb in and out of your car. A Chiropractor in Centurion can help you if you are in pain.

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Dr. Vicki Ferreira, a chiropractor located in Centurion, provides quality care to all members of the family. She graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic and is particularly interested in treating pregnant mothers and babies.

She gained valuable experience while completing her studies at Ethembeni Children’s Hospital and as an assistant at UJ’s Chiropractic Clinic Day Clinic.

Dr Vicki was also involved in many sporting events, including the 94.7 Cycling Challenge and Nissan Trial Seeker events.

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